1. Should we opt for commerce after 10th or 12th?

Ans :- If you are uncertain about commerce you can study commerce after opting either arts or science stream till 12th

2. Will it be difficult to understand commerce subject if the student opts for another stream till 12th?

Ans :- Any stream has its technical subjects if the students are sincere and put in efforts the transition should be smooth

3. Is commerce the last carrier option?

Ans :- Commerce deals with the management of finance. No business or industry can work efficiently without proper management of finance, so how can commerce be the last option. It should be the first


4. What are the various carrier option available in commerce?

Ans :- 1. CA, CS, CMA  2. B.Com, BBA, BCCA, M.Com, MBA  3. FRM 4. CFA [US & INDIA] 5. CIMA  6. CPA 7. LAW 8. Hotel Management  9. Fashion Designing 10. Mass Communication 11. Architect [Maths in XII & XII] 12. Commercial Pilot many more

5. Whether to opt for State or CBSE after 10th ?

Ans :-  This depends upon with the caliber of the students. CBSE Provides a  more intensive course as compared to the state. CBSE requires more time and efforts leaving less time to study for competitive exams.

6. Subject available for State board in XI & XII?

Ans :- XI-XII        1. Accountancy  2. Economics  3. Secretarial Practice 4. The organisation of commerce / Mathematics  5. English 6. 2nd language [ depends on Respective college ]

7. Is Maths an option in state board? If yes, what are the options?

Ans :- Yes, maths is optional. You can take the organization of commerce instead of maths.

8. Subjects available in CBSE Board for XI & XII?

Ans :- 1. Accountancy 2. Economics 3. English 4. Business  Studies 5. Maths/IT/fashion design/Depends on the school

9. Is maths an option in CBSE?

Ans :- Yes, Option is available. Subject depends on the school

10. Care to be taken by parents for both State & CBSE?

Ans :- make sure that your child doesn’t have to much free or idle time. In the field of commerce work experience matters, thus we suggest that they get some part-time job to gain experience as well as exposure.

11. What skills are required to excel in commerce?

Ans :-1.  English writing and communication skills

  1. Computing skills
  2. Documentation skills
  3. Presentation skills
  4. IT skills
  5. Management and Organisation skills
  6. Analytical skills